The 30 Day Challenge

The holidays have officially BEGUN! And this means I have some free time to spend working on improving my drawing and animating! Exciting!

So to keep myself busy, I created a 30 day drawing challenge along with my good friend Bailie. We thought of things we both wanted to improve on or that we wouldn’t usually draw, and made a list! If you fancy having a gander, its over on a little facebook group I created along with some uni friends, where we create challenges together to keep us entertained. >>

Day one was KIDS! I enjoy drawing kids, I like drawing ears and teeth weirdly, so I always find myself drawing them. This one was made using Photoshop; I’m trying to improve my digital art, so I’m going to do as many of the challenges on Photoshop as I can…02 girl

DAY 2: WOMEN. Again, I tend to find myself drawing men over women because I find their faces easier to draw with the soft curves and such. This one was fun, I learnt a lot doing this one. Again, done in Photoshop;05 Woman

DAY 3: MEN. I tend to need references much more if I’m drawing adult men, because I think it’s harder to get their features right to make them look the right age. This is meant to be Alex Turner because I’m LOVING the Last Shadow Puppets at the moment, but it looks like a cross between him and David Tennant!! I still loved making it though;07 Alex Turner


And so begins the challenge! I am enjoying it so much at the moment just being able to draw without caring if it turns out good or not, its all just for fun. Lots of people on the group are enjoying it too, it seems, its nice that people are joining in and helping each other out, this is one of the many reasons I love this course!

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