Google Doodle – Week 3

The Google Doodle is complete!! I really loved doing this project, it was super fun and I feel way more confident using Flash now! I’d definitely like to try some more little projects like this in the future.

I made a tonne of tests to make sure that what I was trying to do could actually be done, and I found that mostly the best way to do things was through ActionScript. At first I was a bit confused by it, but after a few tries it clicked and I was able to manipulate the scripts into doing the things I needed it to. It was great seeing it all work!!

I created all the artwork in Photoshop, so as to create the 80s look I was going for. I used colour palettes made out of colours from 80s movies posters (see link in last post for this awesome website) and started by creating a base colour. I then added a shadow layer, painting with a painting-style brush with a pressure sensitive opacity. I then set the blending mode to ‘colour burn’ which created a really cool colour pallete which worked well for my 8os theme! I then created a final layer where I slightly blended the colours, using a low opacity brush, and using the colour picker constantly to create a smooth transition. On this layer I also added little details like shine and blush. I finished it off by fiddling about with the adjustment tools; I heightened the contrast, and made the reds and yellows more prominent than the greens and magentas. I also added a slight noise filter to make the final piece look less digital;


For the Eleven animation I had to create multiple frames in Photoshop, and I layered them on top of each other in Flash. I used motion blurs so I didn’t have to create so many frames! It took a long time but I was really pleased with the final result. The other letters were much easier as they didn’t actually have to change shape! Here’s what the final Google Doodle looked like, and a link to the actual interactive piece;


And here is how it works;

#1 Hover the mouse over the fairy lights to turn them on with a little clinky sound effect

#2 Hover over the waffle to see the syrup melt

#3 Click the dice to make it bounce up

#4 Hover over the walkie talkie to make static sounds and waves appear, click the button on the side to hear a sound clip

#5 Click the green button on the record player to make the vinyl spin, then click the arm to make the music play. Press the red button to turn it off

#6 Hover over Eleven to make her animate and hover Mike up above the waffle! Take the mouse away to put Mike down.

Finished!! I’m really happy with the final result, it was soooo fun making this! I’m excited to find some free time somewhere under a rock or something so I can try making some more!

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