I finished things!

It’s been a crazy busy year this year. I knew second year would be hard, but jeez, it was REALLY hard! Never have I had so many naps as I did after I finished our major project. But alas, I am not complaining, I learnt SO much this year; new techniques, a lot about animation, realistic scheduling, and strangely a lot about how much I can handle (which is a lot more than I thought, I feel like a pack mule with all the non-uni related things I’ve been carrying this year!) But the year is over now, time to put down a lot of those packs and move on, start new projects, try new things, and enjoy having a little bit more free time.

Seeing as how my brain has been dealing with a lot of strange matters, its been pretty cluttered, and unfortunately I have neglected my poor blog. But I’m going to resolve this matter by making sure I do a weekly post. So I’m going to start with a tonne of vimeo links to the work I finished this year!

Firstly, I finished the character redesign project using CelAction. It was really fun, and very different from anything I’ve ever done before. Being a 2D animator, I really enjoyed not having to worry about things like the character changing shape or proportion, and allowing myself to push the animation. Over the holiday I’d definitely like to do more in this software! Here’s the link to the finished piece;

Next is the finished piece from our E4 sting project. I think this was my favourite project, because I loved thinking of a weird idea and using Flash and a Cintiq for the first time was amazing! Cintiqs are definitely my new best friend now. I’d love to do more little 10 second pieces over the summer, it allows you to push yourself with a crazy idea and not have to spend a crazy amount of time on it, which means you can make loads of different ones! Here’s the link to the sting;

FINALLY, was our major project, in which we had to create a 90 second film. I really enjoyed animating traditionally and pushing myself in terms of some of the shots I (foolishly) picked to make myself animate. (Two full body people walking away from the camera? Needless to say that shot got CUT!) But luckily I made these mistakes now, so I know for next year what is or isn’t feasible in a certain amount of time. I have also realised I need to factor certain things into my schedule, such as tiredness, a bit of time to relax, and time to spend with my friends. However much I may love what I do, I have learnt I’m not a machine, and I actually have to look after myself a bit more! But I’m at uni to learn, and it seems you learn a lot more than just the creative stuff! And now I can look forward to 3rd year with this new knowledge under my belt, so I’m very excited! Here’s the link to my final film, ‘Kindred;’

My lecturers also super kindly nominated me for an award this year at our end of year show. I was really touched because I wasn’t really expecting it; although I did work hard there were a lot of days behind the scenes where I couldn’t concentrate at all, as well as the fact that I’m quite harsh on my own work. I think the not concentrating thing was mainly due to the things I’ve already noted that need to be changed next year; I need to actually rest! But nonetheless, I was very grateful for the nomination!!

So this basically wraps up second year! I’d compare this year to having a nice hike through the forest, where there’s quite a lot of difficult terrain to navigate, but the forest is still beautiful nonetheless, and maybe at one point you get chased by a bear, but you manage to escape and then have a nice picnic on an old log or something. (In other words, it’s been tricky but awesome!)

Now time for…..THIRD YEAR! (dundundun)

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